This system interacts with conscious processes to produce a state of awareness sympathetic with the fundamental nature of existence. Understanding comes from this place of being. It is in the same manner as knowing how to breath or speak or call a tree a tree.

The only way one can know whether this bold claim is valid is by using the system. It is an experiment that must be lived to be proven. As such, it requires your acceptance to be initiated, your attention to be made active, and your choice to be managed.

The choice you face is whether to pursue knowing in this manner.

This choice is necessary. What is chosen is up to you.






To enable an understanding of the fundamental nature of existence.

This means you, the seeker, will know that which is beyond words, beyond current definition. You will possess a system of awareness that aligns consciousness with that which is currently below consciousness. You will be open to all.

This system establishes a template and approach to prepare and train the mind to perceive root-level truth. This system has an effect. The extent of that effect is proportional to the degree you choose to employ it.
There exists a universe. From that universe emerges life. From life comes humanity. Out of humanity arises a world of thought.

Looking for the nature of existence in the world of thought is like looking for the roots of a tree by searching in its leaves.

This System of Knowing brings the seeker down from the boughs, down the trunk, back upon the soil from which all emerges so that simple subtle truth may be known.

This is the fruit from that tree, carrying the seeds of growth.
The system is composed of seven points. Each point is a complete entity. All points are integrated. This provides for points to bee both independent and cross-referencing.

You progress through the points in a linear fashion. As you employ each point, it leads naturally to the next. Likewise, the points reference and receive direction from other points to aid your endeavors.

Attempting to understand only the endpoints can provide information, but does not compose the system properly to enable the ultimate state of knowing. However, it is ultimately up to you on how you use the system. None but you will even know its results or effect upon you ability to understand the fundamental nature of existence.
This System of Knowing is universal.

It works for all regardless of personal characteristics, established beliefs, levels of education, cognitive skills, philosophical predisposition, state of mind or particular faith. It works beyond the world of thought.

This system is open to all. You are required only to choose to use it, work with it, and persevere.

Usage constitutes acceptance, acceptance cultivates usage.

Using this system opens the mind by following an intentional path to understanding:

Instill a founding principle into your consciousness. Make that principle one that must be perceived directly instead of just considered intellectually. Practice perception so that awareness is focused externally, beyond the typical content of thought. Validated the principle by strengthening the ability to perceive it. Evaluate what is known with this developed perception.

Content for these points is always in creation. Perfection of the system comes only for yourself. There is no final answer, only the way of it.