At the core of this approach is how we use our brain. Specifically, how we use perception to apprehend our world, and how our mind feeds back into perception to impose a particular reality to the world. This system leverages this process to direct perception in a new way – to apprehend extreme basic patterns inherent in what we sense, and build a model of those patterns as a base reference to all the other patterns we create. We impose “reality” by way of definition onto what we sense. Everything has a meaning that’s connected to everything else by meaning.

With this system, we have an alternative reality that gives a view to the bottom of the stack of meaning out of which we derive the world. Using perception to see the most basic pattern possible (The Unbreakable Truth) sets up two strong parameters of development. The first is the physical exercise of perception, the act of focusing attention on the energy we receive as stimulus from the world. The other is the pattern which that stimulus delivers, boiled down to its essence, so that we have this one core fact or truth. The combination of seeing this essence, exercising perception in the process, and ordering the mind around it, establishes a cognitive system capable of rendering what is perceived in a fundamentally true and primary manner – one that is dependant on no other meaning that the one installed for the purposes of seeing truth.

It makes one into a receiver of profound information, and enables the receiver to bring whatever is received into this system to know its essence. This works for physical phenomena, life, thought, matter, energy or whatever is perceived. This of course is a bold claim. And it is an experiment that must be lived to be confirmed. So only those who choose to pursue the system can know the validity of its claim. However, for reference one can consider that to see the world in such a profound way is basically perceiving essence, which is what is practiced, and the practice of it makes it so. It is self-fulfilling.

In the process of using the system, answers, or better yet views, come to light that align “big questions” into one cohesive view of existence. Large bodies of mystery fall into one dynamic process, and so there is an accumulation of evidence to further the development of the system within the mind. The more it’s used, the more it works, and the more it works the more one sees, and the more one sees the more one comes to realize they have a System of Knowing at their service.